n. & v.
1 a vegetation belonging to a group of small plants with green blades that are eaten by cattle, horses, sheep, etc. b any species of this. c any plant of the family Gramineae, which includes cereals, reeds, and bamboos.
2 pasture land.
3 grass-covered ground, a lawn (keep off the grass).
4 grazing (out to grass; be at grass).
5 sl. marijuana.
6 Brit. sl. an informer, esp. a police informer.
7 the earth's surface above a mine; the pit-head.
8 sl. asparagus.
1 tr. cover with turf.
2 tr. US provide with pasture.
3 Brit. sl. a tr. betray, esp. to the police. b intr. inform the police.
4 tr. knock down; fell (an opponent).
5 tr. a bring (a fish) to the bank. b bring down (a bird) by a shot.
Phrases and idioms:
at grass out of work, on holiday, etc. grass bird Austral. any of various warblers, esp. of the genus Megalurus, living among reeds. grass-box a receptacle for cut grass on a lawnmower. grass-cloth a linen-like cloth woven from ramie etc. grass court a grass-covered lawn-tennis court. grass of Parnassus a herbaceous plant, Parnassia palustris. grass parakeet Austral. a parakeet, esp. of the genus Neophema, frequenting grassland. grass roots
1 a fundamental level or source.
2 ordinary people, esp. as voters; the rank and file of an organization, esp. a political party. grass skirt a skirt made of long grass and leaves fastened to a waistband.
grass snake
1 Brit. the common ringed snake, Natrix natrix.
2 US the common greensnake, Opheodrys vernalis. grass tree = BLACKBOY. grass widow (or widower) a person whose husband (or wife) is away for a prolonged period. grass-wrack eel-grass. not let the grass grow under one's feet be quick to act or to seize an opportunity.
grassless adj. grasslike adj.
Etymology: OE graeligs f. Gmc, rel. to GREEN, GROW

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